About Me


Hello I Am, Dr Jihada Cassim

Hailing from Durban South Africa, Dr Jihada Cassim was born with an eye for art and beauty.
Having an innate sense of empathy and compassion, she committed herself to a lifetime of Medicine.

Dr Cassim graduated from the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal in 2010 and spent her internship years at King Edward VIII hospital, under the mentorship and tutelage of some of the best minds in Medicine. Whilst working 30-hour shifts in the proverbial trenches, Dr Cassim found it difficult to conciliate her love for art with her need to heal. She persevered. Her need to seek new challenges resulted in her joining the South African National Defense Force in Potchefstroom during her year of community service. This was a year of growth, progress, and evolution. She contemplated.

As a doctor, Jihada often asked herself, as many doctors do, “where can I make the biggest difference?”, and for a long time the answer seemed to be: “on the front-lines…in the trenches… covered in blood…elbows deep in the balance between life and death”. However, with time and introspection, and the leisure of allowing herself to consider more philosophically the answer to that eternal question, she peaked behind the curtain of modern medicine and discovered the world of Aesthetics – a branch of medicine that improves quality of life on a fundamental level.
From the earliest inceptions of reconstructive surgery and cosmetic dermatology, and the more primordial philosophers of beauty that bore no title, Aesthetic Medicine has been rooted in art, symmetry, confidence, poise, esteem, reverence, and worth of self; resulting in the wellness of whole populations. To be a part of this essential and constantly pioneering branch of medicine would be the perfect opportunity for advancing the central notions of science, beauty, and medicine. She dreamed.

With an appetite for adventure and a desire for exploration, Dr Cassim left the familiarity of home for the bright lights of Dubai – she spent the next 4 years working in internal medicine initially, and then in telemedicine, corporate health, aviation medicine and occupational health. It was in Dubai, surrounded by cutting-edge science and haute couture, that Dr Cassim chose to amalgamate her passion for art and medicine within the specialty of Aesthetic Medicine. She became inspired. She received her postgraduate Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine with the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, and became an internationally trained Aesthetic Practitioner.

However, the pursuit for knowledge does not end… Dr Cassim regularly attends Aesthetic trainings, workshops and conferences; meeting with colleagues and experts around the globe. This allows her to constantly broaden her experience and treatment offerings, and keep abreast of advancing techniques, innovative technologies, and novel ideas in the field. She learns and grows.

Jihada continues to seek flair in the ordinary; radiance in the dull; vibrancy in the mundane; and effervescence in the conventional.